Our School

A place designed to convey a martial art holistically.


Taekwon-Do Center Heidelberg
Zeppelinstr. 189
69121 Heidelberg

Phone: 06221 / 65 69 69
Email: info@tkd-hd.de
Web: https://tkd-hd.de

How to get here

The Taekwon-Do Center can be reached by several public transport:

  • Stop Biethsstraße (approx. 5 minutes to the center) .: Lanes 5, 23, 24
  • Stop Hans-Thoma-Platz (approx. 10 minutes to the center): Lanes 5, 21, 23, 24 & Bus 38

You can reach us by car via B3 (Dossenheimer Landstraße). Turn off to Mühlingstr. and you will drive straight to our school. If you are on motorway A5, it is best to take exit Dossenheim.

We have our own parking spaces, and parking in the neighboring residential area is free for up to two hours.

You can find more pictures in our gallery.

The emergence of the
Taekwon-Do Center Heidelberg

The point of contact for martial arts in Heidelberg since 2000

The Taekwon-Do Center Heidelberg was opened on September 22nd, 2000 by my former teacher Mr. Gerd Göres. The school quickly became one of the central points of contact for martial arts in Heidelberg, and the Taekwon-Do Center Heidelberg became particularly popular with children.

I resumed my training in this school after a 15-year break and learned the basics of traditional Taekwon-Do. Since taking over the school on January 1st, 2007, I put my energy and time into building the school, so that today it is a contact point for children, adolescents, students, adults, families and seniors. The focus is on the positive development of my students in the areas of personality and health. For this I dealt intensively with the student-teacher relationship in martial arts and did my doctorate on the topic of competence development among health educators with a focus on martial arts teachers and teachers in public schools.

After 15 years it became necessary to move the school to a new place. We moved to Zeppelinstrasse with a laughing and a crying eye. Such a change always offers the opportunity to develop and reinvent. However, we experienced a lot of beautiful things in the old rooms that we like to remember.

The premises and events of the Taekwon-Do Center are intended to underline the importance of martial arts in the life of every student. The rooms are specially designed for the requirements of Taekwon-Do. In addition to the changing rooms and the training space (the dojang), there is the opportunity to sit down and wait for children, to read a good book or to have a meaningful conversation about the philosophy of Taekwon-Do. In addition, we have set up a second training space in which you can train individually (including: a sandbag, a machine for stretching, wall bars, a pull-up bar, weights and much more).

I look forward to getting to know you and to convey more about my idea of ​​Taekwon-Do


Get an impression of us in the form of moving pictures.

We are currently working on further videos for publication.